Alternative Yachting Tourism


 At every destination of our cruise, enjoy the experience of a guided archaeological tour. Learn about the rich history and mythology of our country.See how ancient Greeks used to live, along with the many historical monuments that exhibit the Greek culture throughout time.


Enjoy the unique experience of barbequing on the beach. Grill fresh fish or the meat of your choice and have a great time with your friends and family privately on a beach enjoying the gorgeous Greek scenery.Ask us for more information.


What can be better than a party just for you and your friends in a unique landscape, under the stars and summer moon?Ask us to organize a beach party that you will remember forever. The people of Excellent Yachting are here to make your dreams reality.


As mentioned before the way we treat our vessels, as well as the operational status quo of the Yacht Management department of Excellent Yachting Ltd, ensure that our yachts are seaworthy and safe. The safe and discreet environment of buying and selling complete the personal relationship and discretion in relation to our client. This is the example set by previous generations of our family-run business. A business whose central axis is not to speculate and make an easy profit, but rather to have a friendly relationship with our client. It is an affair of mutual trust and security that will last for years. The classified status of all transactions and personal information is completely ensured.Ask us for more information.


Reward your employees with a unique experience. Choose one of our reward or strenthening/team buiding programmes and see remarkable results.Set sail with Excellent Yachting for a successful corporate event!The people of Excellent Yachting Ltd are here to show you innovative ways of team building and rewarding for companies.Organize your own flotilla or regata and strenthen the bonds in your employees’ groups through entertainment and team work.Knowing what you need to have an amazing time at the seas and islands of Greece, we offer services of the highest standard.Our motto is “Imagine it, and leave the rest to us”. Aboard our yachts you will feel not as clients, but rather as guests.Take advantage of our discount by booking now (*the discount is offered for bookings 3 days prior to the date of the excursion).


Combine your hobby with your cruise and vacation.Do your favourite sport fishing, and grill your fish on a magical beach or on board.Organize a cruise with your friends aiming-what else? To go fishing as many days as you desire!


What can be more beautiful than combining your cruise with tasting the foods of every place you visit?Ask us to make you traditional recipes with local products.A unique tasting experience!


Ask us to organize a geological walk on one of the islands we approach that present extreme geological interest. For more information visit the section Milos - What to see, as well as the site


For many, the sea equals sports. If you belong in the category of people who want to live the sea to its fullest, ask us to include you in a kayak or wayersports trip, so that you enjoy our journey to the maximum.Also we can explore caves and sea tunnels in kayaks. Ask us for more information.


The more we love something, the more we respect and take care of it. The way we at Excellent Yachting maintain our yachts is an extension of our feelings as well as our professional beliefs. We count on not only the materials and techniques used, but also on human dynamics, which is the soul of Excellent Yachting Ltd.The Yacht Management service offered by Excellent Yachting Ltd can be broken into three parts:

  1. Assignment of the vessel to the company for finding fares and chartering them.
  2. Assignment of the vessel for year-round supervision
  3. Winter maintainance by the department of Service of Excellent Yachting


Excellent Yachting Ltd, having a large number of vessels throughout the years, has experience and technical know-how in services for yacht maintenance. The company operates a maintenance department in both Alimos Marina and Lavrio, offering support all over Greece.


Wear your mask, snorkel and fins and let us show you around magical journeys. It is unquestionably one of the best experiences at sea. Guided by our captain you will see unique colours of the Greek seabed. Ask us to take underwater photos and video, so that you can keep the memories for ever. Ask us for more details.


Choose to dive and enjoy the unique sea bed of Greece or combine your vacations with getting the certification you want in scuba-diving. It’s a magical combination!Ask us for more information.


Do you like adventure? Do you like to climb paths through scenery of natural beauty? Ask us about the routes we come across on our journey. Ask us to plan a trekking route for you. We are here to show you the hidden beauty of our land.


Spend the most important day of your lives the way you deserve to, exceptionally!The people of Excellent Yachting Ltd are here to suggest unique ideas for you and your guests.Choose to go to church by yacht or take your guests on a celebration at beautiful locations.Whatever you plan, we are here to realise it for you.Our motto is “just imagine it, and leave the rest to us”. Special prices for early bookings.


Choose a unique way to rejuvenate body and soul.Feel total well-being by the sea.Discover the beautiful coastline of our islands and their gorgeous beaches while enjoying a massage, a facial or body treatment, or yoga lessons.Set sail with Excellent Yachting Ltd for a different experience!Ask us about these special excursions now.Our motto is “just imagine it, and leave the rest to us”. Aboard our yachts you won’t feel as clients, but rather as guests.Cash in on our priviliged discount by booking now (*discount is valid 3 days prior to the date of your excursion).


















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