Adamas - Polyaigos


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Discover the beautiful coastline of Milos and its fantastic beaches, discover a fascinating new way to spend your holidays.

Set sail aboard the “Mama Maria” of Excellent Yachting and have a great time!

Explore the northern side of Milos with the volcanicly formed islands Glaronisia, see the lunar landscape of Sarakiniko which was a pirate’s cove when southern winds blew on the island, enjoy the unique experience of our safari snorkelling tour led by our captain in the magical caves of Papafraga and swim at the enchanting beaches of Polyaigos. Polyaigos is the largest uninhabitated island in the Mediterranean with its small bays and scenery of unsurpassed beauty.

Learn about the island’s history and see how pirates used to live. Combine the joys of sailing, swimming, diving, and relaxing all day with photography, gastronomy, and cave exploration.


Analytical itinerary

Starting from the port of Adamas we will see on our right hand the traditional fishing villages with their “sirmata’’, Skinopi, Areti, Fourkovouni and Klima(first capital of the ancient civilization of Milos, with sites such as Cyclopean walls and christian catacombs dating to the 1st century B.C).

Then we will see “the Bears” at the entrance of the port- two large rocks shaped like bears. Then we will cross the whole northern side of the island, we will see Sarakiniko with its secret caves and docking posts carved in the rock by the pirates that remain untouched by time, and then we will stop for the amazing safari snorkelling tour in the caves of Papafraga and the ancient city of Philakopi.

Crossing the straits between Milos and Kimolos, we will arrive at the island of Polyaigos, and stop for a first swim at Blue Waters or the bay of Mirsini as it is called in nautical terms. This bay is famous for the beautiful colours of the waters and is a worldwide destination of famous yachts and sailing boats. Afterwards we continue our enchanting journey to Polyaigos enjoying the red rock formations at Kokkinokavo. We will then have a filling meal freshly prepaired on board along with a large greek salad. We will lunch with the view of beautiful Polyaigos and then relax and set on our journey back. As we return we will stop for a swim at the volcanicly formed Glaronisia, three islands of solid lava, of aweing and worth referencing morphology, and enjoy the colourful sunset. Our final destination is the port of Adamas.

At the end of your journey we offer a DVD of underwater pictures and videos we take during the safari snorkelling tour , or you can enjoy them on our Facebook page “Milos Yachting(Farinola Yachts)’’.

The people of Excellent Yachting Ltd are here to show you the beauty and secrets of Milos and the surrounding islands.

Knowing what it takes to have a great time on the seas and islands of Greece, we offer you high-standard services.

Our motto is “just imagine it, and leave the rest to us”. Aboard our yachts you won’t feel as clients, but rather as guests.

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