Pollonia - Kleftiko

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Discover the beautiful coastline of Milos and its fantastic beaches, discover a exciting new way to spend your holidays.

Set sail aboard the “Mama Maria” of Excellent Yachting and have a great time!

Explore the whole west coast of Milos and the enchanting Kleftiko-an old pirates cove- taking part in the safari snorkelling tour guided by our captain and on the ride in the tender to its enchanting caves.

Learn of the island’s history and see how pirates lived.

Combine the joys of sailing, swimming, diving and relaxing all day with photography, gastronomy and cave exploration.


Analytical itinerary

We set sail from the picturesque fishing village at the north of the island, Pollonia, crossing the east side of Milos and stopping for a swim at Thiorihia, a magical place with emerald waters and yellow pebbles coloured by sulfur. It is the site of the sulfer mines which belonged to Victor Melas, the oldest sulfer mining enterprise in Greece.

We will enjoy our swim with the view of the old sulfer mines and the remains of the factory’s establishments. Old wagons on their rails, rusted tools, old offices, machinery parts and possesions belonging to workers create an aweing industrial atmosphere contrasting and at the same time in harmony with the island’s scenery. In 1905 operations stopped due to cheaper production of sulfer by other means, however in the 1930’s the mines were re-opened, creating the establishments seen today. The sulfer mines were operational until 1960, the business finally closing down in 1978.

We will then cross the whole south side of the island with the beautiful beaches of Paleohori, Agia Kiriaki, Tsigrado, and Firiplaka, stopping for a swim at lovely Geraka, a place with small white pebbles and impressive sandslides that digress the mountain just like a skiing course, only in sand instead of snow.

Our next stop is Kleftiko, the famous sightseeing place of tall, white, limestone sediments that form all kinds of caves and colourful tunnels through the rock and sea, depending on the time and the sun’s reflection on the sea. Kleftiko is an old pirate’s cove of unsurpassed beauty and one of the best protected places from the northern winds in the Mediterranean. Once we drop anchor we get ready for the safari snorkeling tour, a unique experience for adults and children alike. We wear our masks and fins and follow a member of the crew on a fantastic journey where we will take lots of underwater photographs and videos, which we offer on DVD at the end of the journey or you can enjoy them on our Facebook page «Milos Yachting (Farinola Yachts)». Every so often we stop for a rest.

We will then go on an exploration of Kleftiko and its caves in then yacht’s tender guided by our captain.

When we return we will find a filling meal freshly prepared on board along with a large greek salad. We will have our meal with the view of impressive Kleftiko and then relax before setting on our way back.

On the way home we will stop at beautiful Tsikardo with the amazing waters and unique caves.

We then enjoy the colourful sunset as we set sail for our final destination, the port of Pollonia.

The people of Excellent Yachting Ltd are here to show you the beauties and secrets of Milos and the surrounding islands.

Knowing what you need to have an amazing time at the seas and islands of Greece, we offer services of the highest standard.

Our motto is “Imagine it, and leave the rest to us”. Aboard our yachts you will feel not as clients, but rather as guests.

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