Pollonia -Sifnos

Discover the beautiful coastal line of Milos and its fantastic beaches, discover an exciting new way to spend your holidays.

Set sail aboard the “Mama Maria” of Excellent Yachting and have a great time!

Explore two more islands in one day, at the same time relaxing by the sea.


We set sail from Pollonia, passing the straits between Milos and Kimolos, and head for Sifno. We dock at the port of Kamares (main port) or at Vathi,where you will be free to explore the island either on your own or with us in organized groups.

We then leave the quaint but busy island of Sifnos, heading to Kimolos for another stop to walk around its picturesque village.

Our final destination is the port of Pollonia, after enjoying the colourful sunset. The people of Excellent Yachting Ltd are here to show you the beauties and secrets of Milos and the surrounding islands.

Knowing what you need to have an amazing time at the seas and islands of Greece, we offer services of the highest standard.

Our motto is “Imagine it, and leave the rest to us”. Aboard our yachts you will feel not as clients, but rather as guests.

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