Alternative activities


Milos is a great place for all kinds of alternative activities.

With four hot springs (offering steambaths, mudbaths, mineral waters and sea water) it is the best place to rejuvenate body and soul.

On the seven different but equally amazing Miloterranean tracks of intense geological interest, it is certain that you will be carried away by the majestic landscape of volcano and colour.

Being the largest natural bay in the Mediterranean, with scenery of unbelievable beauty like Kleftiko and 75 beaches waiting to be discovered (many accessible only by sea), you are sure to have a lifetime experience of luxury at an affordable price.

The amazing routes for those interested in walking and trekking along the  many footpaths and combined with the exceptionally lavish gastronomy of local products, you are certain to feel a total sense of pleasure.

Aphrodite’s island will excite you with the possibility to do many sea sports such as windsurfing, diving and snorkeling tours.

Whatever you need can be found on this island. Milos invites you to explore and discover its amazing beauty, which will surprise you pleasantly.

For more information also visit our section on Alternative Yachting Tourism.


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