General Information

Milos is in the southwest area of the Cyclades. It is 86 nautical miles from Piraeus and 50 nautical miles from Santorini and Mykonos.

There is a complex of gorgeous islands all around Milos, the most famous being Kimolos and Poliegos, which is also the largest uninhabitated island in the Mediterranean.

Milos is an island of rare natural beauty, with over 75 beaches of of unique morphology and colour , a long history stretching from Neolithic times up to the present, and a rich variety of cultural aspects and geological references.

Milos can satisfy even the most demanding kind of traveler, it is a paradise of alternative activities through an extensive network of mineral springs as well as sea tourism. There are many water sports to choose from, including sea activities, a cultural festival, 7 recorded geological Miloterranean routes, and many historical and religious monuments such as the early-Christian Catacombs and of course Aphrodite of Milos, goddess protector of Love and Beauty. The island is simultaneously a yacht owner’s dream as well as a globally known yachting destination, boasting coves of unsurpassed beauty such as Kleftiko, but also the second largest natural bay in the Mediterranean, the port of Adamas.

Milos is a paradise on earth calling you to explore it!

It is definitely one of the places you need to see at least once in a lifetime.


Useful Informations

Public services-Tourism Phone number Area
Milos Municipality 2287360100, 2287360105 Plaka
Police Station 228721204 Plaka
Tourist Police 228721378 Plaka
Milos Airport 228702281 Adamas
Coast Guard 2287022130 Alykes
Customs 2287022282 Adamas
Milos IKA 2287021216 Adamas
Milos OTE 2287022124 Plaka
Milos Electrical Company 2287022124 Triovasalos
Post Office-EΛTA 2287021214 Triovasalos


Health Services Phone number Area
Pharmacies 2287021240, 2287021405, 2287022178  
Rural medical centre 2287021755 Adamas
Veterinary 2287021230 Triovasalos
Health Center 2287360001, 2287360030 Plaka


Taxis Phone number Area
Adamas Taxi Station 2287022219  Adamas
Triovasalos Taxi Station 2287021306 Triovasalos


Sightseeing Phone number Area
Catacombs 2287021625  Tripiti
Archaeological Museum 2287021306 Triovasalos
Folklore Museum 2287021292 Tripiti
Mining Museum 2287022481 Adamas
Ecclesiastical Museum 2287023956 Adamas
Maritime Museum 2287360100, 2287022445 Adamas


Gas Stations/Yachting Phone number Area
Supplies - Mavrogiannis-Elin 228723803, 6945454359   Katifora
Ksidous-Jet Oil 2287022093, 6977143662 Adamas
Tsirigotis-Elin 2287021953, 2287023672 Pollonia


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