Must See

Milos has many places to see. However, as time is not always on our side, we have a list of 5 things you must see before leaving the island.

  1. Kleftiko: the landmark of Milos. An earthly paradise also known as Meteora of the sea because of the large limestone rocks forming natural caves and underwater tunnelsof unique colour. The waters change colour throughout the day due to the reflection of the sun on the white rocks of Kleftiko. An old pirate’s cove, you can still see traces of their presence there that you will never forget. Book your Excellent Yachting excursion and enjoy the unique experience of the safari snorkeling tour in the caves. For more information visit the section Daily Cruises.
  2. Sarakiniko: a lunar landscape on earth. Great white slabs of rock create an unearthly spectacle. Unique experience: visit Sarakiniko under the light of the full moon.
  3. Sunset at the castle of Plaka: one of the most gorgeous- if not the most gorgeous- sunsets in the Aegean. With an unlimited view of the Aegean and visibility of all the Cyclades on clear days, the scenery is sure to take your breath away. It is on the hill at the Castle of Plaka where the picturesque church of Panagia stands. To ascend it follow the directions towards the Castle in the cobbled streets of Plaka.
  4. Catacombs-the catacombs of Milos: this early-christian monument is one of the places to see. They were created by the need of Christians to hide and honour their dead. They are unique to the whole of Europe after the catacombs in Rome.
  5. Traditional fishing villages: also known as “sirmata” as they are called by the locals. The traditional houses built along the shore line have an architectural style of their own. They were called “sirmata” from their use- fishermen used lines (sirmata) to drag their boats into the ground floor of the houses which were also storing rooms. The different colour of every house was useful to the fishermen in recognizing their house in rough weather. Today, during the summer months when the boats are in the sea, they are used as summer houses with an amazing view.



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