What to see

In Milos there are five museums to take you on different journeys to the diversity of this unique island.

Visit the Archaeological Museum of Milos in Plaka, where you will see an exact copy of the famous statue of Aphrodite of Milos, symbol of love and beauty, as well as other important findings (idols, amphoras, epitaphs, and statues) from various sites dating to as early as the Neolithic period up to the Hellenistic period.

Visit the Folklore Museum of Milos, also in Plaka, to get a taste of the cultural heritage of the island.

The Mining Museum in Adamas will give you information on the geological circumstances that created the mineral wealth of Milos, on the uses of the various sedimentary and volcanic rock compounds throughout time, on produced byproducts such as sulfur, as well as a view into the extensive history of mining on Milos.

The Maritime Museum in Adamas will take you to the seas and nautical history of Milos, while the Ecclesiastical Museum also in Adamas exhibits important religious icons and relics worth seeing.

Finally, don’t miss out on the chance to visit the early-Christian catacombs, the ancient Roman theater, the site were Aphrodite of Milos was found as well as the prehistoric city of Philakopi famous for its well-organized street plan.

Don’t forget to visit the traditional fishing villages with their unique architecture, the “sirmata”, nor miss the opportunity to walk around the whitepaved cobbled streets of Plaka.

During the summer months the Milos Festival will take you on a journey to the island’s culture through art events and concerts.


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